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"Why be normal, when you can be famous! We just started using Reviewboost and we can already see what a useful tool it's going to be. The service so far has been great and any questions asked have been answered promptly."

- Johnny X, Founder - RPMX

"I signed up to Reviewboost to help promote my new business, Write for Wildlife. I wanted to make sure that my writing was fitting what my customers really needed and so I wanted it to be as easy as possible for them to leave me feedback.

As I still work part time in another industry, time is money for me, so having a system where I can view and respond to customers quickly, without having to check various websites, really takes the hassle out of it.

Reviewboost has really streamlined my feedback process and, whilst I am still building my business, it's allowing me to really hone in on direct feedback so I can learn and grow from my customers."

- Rebecca, Business Owner - Write for Wildlife

"Reviewboost is the first of its kind in NZ and we love the service!"

- Grace, Business Owner - Asian & Philippine Immigration Assistance