Watch this video to learn how Reviewboost can help improve your online reputation and bring you more customers!

How does Reviewboost work?

Reviewboost is the easy way to boost every aspect of your businesses’ online reputation. Reviewboost brings your online reviews, customer feedback, and social media presence together onto one easy to use platform, where they can be managed, promoted and improved.

Reviewboost encourages your customers to provide fresh, relevant reviews and ratings on websites that matter to your business, whilst filtering out negative reviews by allowing you to handle them privately.

With Reviewboost you can engage with your customers across 100 websites, including review sites, social media, blogs and more.

Reviewboost enables you to use customer feedback to improve your business’ offerings, improve your service and increase your revenue!

Why Reviewboost?

As a proud Kiwi company, we know Kiwi business well and we understand that having support in your time zone is incredibly important, which is why our account managers are based right here in New Zealand.

We believe that listening is a superpower, which is why we take the time to understand what’s important to you and to your business.

We can help you to boost your online reputation and to fuel the growth of your business.