Did you know...


70% of customers..

..will leave a review if asked to, we use a simple interface that makes leaving a review really easy.

80% of people..

..trust our reviews as much as if it were a personal recommendation. Customers look for what others say first, then what you say.

55% of clients..

..will visit your website after reading positive reviews. Reviews are great entry points for new growth in any business.

73% of consumers..

..think reviews newer than 3 months matter the most. New reviews do matter, and we will remind your customers to leave new reviews at the right time.

How can Reviewboost help?

Reviewboost is the easy way to boost every aspect of your businesses’ online reputation. Our platform brings your online reviews, business listings, and social media presence together in one place to be viewed, managed, and improved. See what customers are saying about your business on review sites, social media, blogs, and more. Encourage your clients to provide fresh, relevant reviews and ratings on sites that matter to your business, and engage with your customers across the web to impact what people are saying, how they’re saying it, and where it’s being said.

review generation



Receive great new reviews and pull in review scores from all over the web. Contact customers quickly and effectively using our powerful automation tools and remind happy customers to leave you feedback whilst unhappy customers are captured, allowing you to feedback privately and solve problems discretely. All done in minutes, what would take a competitor hours to do manually!

  • Request reviews on over 100+ sites
  • Kiosk mode
  • SMS requests
  • Acquire 1st & 3rd party reviews
  • Branded email requests
  • Survey questions
  • Open text customer feedback
  • Repeat customer feedback
  • Advanced filters & sorting
  • Job IDs, custom IDs & tags
  • Auto-tagging

review monitoring



See which keywords customers are using when they talk about your business. Get regular, actionable reports on your online presence that help you understand how to improve. Be alerted any time new information is found so you never miss out on an opportunity again!

  • Monitoring of 30+ review sites
  • Location-based reporting
  • Google Q&A monitoring
  • Twitter monitoring
  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Advanced filters & sorting
  • Public & private review response
  • Comparison reports
  • Email automation
  • Export CSV data
  • Short social & web URLs

review boost



Use our plugins to show positive reviews live across your platforms. Compile mentions from news sites, blogs, and social networks onto your website, improving your SEO rating so you can rank higher in Google searches!

  • Google review schema
  • Review widget for your website
  • Review rating badge
  • Social sharing of reviews
  • SEO boosting via reviews
  • Integration support
  • POS integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • Mobile app integrations
  • Zapier app
  • Webhooks for real-time alerts

review success


Watch this short video below to gain an understanding of how Reviewboost can help you improve your online reputation and gain more customers!

why Reviewboost?


As a proud Kiwi company we know Kiwi business well. We’re based right here in New Zealand which means you have access to our account managers on your time zone, so you have support when you need it.

We’ll help you understand how to deploy the latest technology to gain valuable insight on what’s important to your local customers.